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On foot, by bike, and on the water - are you a winner?

On foot, by bike, and on the water - are you a winner?

The challenge, taking place in the beautiful Exmoor National Park in Somerset on 11 June 2011, will see teams from across the industry covering the distance of a marathon in a day by foot, bike and canoe, with mystery challenges thrown in plus a one-hour bonus stage for the super fit and ultra competitive.


Computer Weekly is once again teaming up with leading overseas development charity CARE International to announce the launch of the first CARE IT Adventure Challenge fundraising event, exclusively for IT professionals and those working in the IT industry.

CARE works in over 70 countries helping 59 million of the world's poorest people find a route out of poverty through long-term development and emergency aid. Many of CARE's overseas projects make use of IT in the most extraordinary ways, including using Google Earth to plan the construction of refugee camps following natural disasters or conflict; use of blogging from war zones; providing PCs and IT training for mothers to help them run schools for their daughters in areas where girls are marginalised.

If you work in any sector of the IT industry and are interested in taking part in the CARE IT Adventure Challenge, visit or call the CARE Challenge Team on 020 7934 9470.

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