Making the case for a greener data centre



Source:  Quocirca


This short article has concentrated on demonstrating how basic green IT initiatives can be messaged into the business to show how they can have a direct impact on the business itself. The same approach can be used for advanced and investment green initiatives – for example, a move to a community combined heat and power (CCHP) power generation system for an organisation with a very large data centre can bring in revenues through selling excess heat and power to other businesses, local communities or through feed in tariffs from the government.


Although “Green” has slid down the list of priorities throughout the recession, it has not disappeared completely. The advent of government driven green initiatives, such as the CRC EES in the UK, means that several thousand UK organisations are now having to monitor and measure their energy usage at a granular level in order to plan to maximise the financial gains (or minimise the financial losses) through their positions in the CRC league tables, writes Clive Longbottom.

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