Making the case for a greener data centre


The pyramid of green value

Source:  Quocirca

The pyramid of green value

From an IT perspective, Quocirca breaks green initiatives down into three distinct areas.

  • Standard green – concentrating on quick wins, such as application rationalisation, leading to asset consolidation onto a virtualised environment, saving energy going forwards
  • Advanced green – looking at changing the way IT is operated to give further savings, such as a move to internal cloud computing and/or blade computing.
  • Investment green – a longer term view, where there is less chance of a direct payback on the investment, but where the capabilities for pushing green credentials as part of the business’ brand can resonate with the target customers. Here, such technologies as regenerative power, heat recycling and alternative power supplies come to the fore.
  • Each area has its own part to play – but taking a Total Value Proposition approach to how green IT can help a business can make arguing for a given project far easier.


    Although “Green” has slid down the list of priorities throughout the recession, it has not disappeared completely. The advent of government driven green initiatives, such as the CRC EES in the UK, means that several thousand UK organisations are now having to monitor and measure their energy usage at a granular level in order to plan to maximise the financial gains (or minimise the financial losses) through their positions in the CRC league tables, writes Clive Longbottom.

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