What would be the first thing to load onto your new Amazon Kindle?


Must have on the Kindle

Must have on the Kindle

At launch, Amazon is offering a large library of e-books and magazines/newspapers for the Kindle. We would certainly want The Economist, FT, Spectator and, of course, Computer Weekly. Thanks to its built-in PDF reader, it is also possible to upload whitepapers, reports and all manner of documentation. Just think, you could hold all your instruction manuals in one place. We also thought it would be quite useful to have an A to Z, a map of the London Underground and a decent jokes' guide.


UK users can now buy the Amazon Kindle e-book reader, which not only stores books, but can render Acrobat PDF files and play MP3 audio. Computer Weekly's tech guru Cliff Saran takes at look at what is available, and what he would upload to make Kindle really useful.
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