Photo review: Karmic Koala kickstarts new Ubuntu 9.10


Rhythmbox - Review of Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Rhythmbox - Review of Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Ubuntu offers a bewildering variety of music players, which is just as well since Apple is showing no sign of creating iTunes for Linux. An interesting feature of Rhythmbox is that music purchase is built in. Our installation came with two music stores, Jamendo and Magnatune, both of which contain music from independent artists. Right-click a tune in Jamendo and you get an option to Donate to Artist; right-click in Magnatune and you can purchase an album or a physical CD for a price which you determine, within a range from $5.00 to $18.00.

Since the artists are not mainstream, Apple will hardly be quaking in its boots, but it is an intriguing business model. Of course you can also play your own music files, ripped from CD or purchased from the likes of Amazon or even iTunes.


Ubuntu 9.10, also known as Karmic Koala, is taking on Microsoft's Windows 7. The Koala has a better software installer, faster boot times and much more. Here's our thorough review.

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