Photos: How to upgrade your hard disk


Install new disk drive in a hard disk caddy

Install new disk drive in a hard disk caddy

The easiest way to upgrade the old hard disk drve is to clone it. You will need a hard disk caddy, which allows you to use a hard disk as an external drive. The first step is to install the new disk in a USB or Sata hard disk caddy, which is then plugged into your PC's USB or eSata port as an external hard disk drive.


In this article I explain how to upgarde a 160 GByte Hitachi hard disk drive to a 1.5 Tbyte Seagate disk drive, without having to reinstall my operating system, software, or having to back-up any data. The new disk has been organised so that I can install Windows 7 on a second disk partition at a later date.

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