Photos: 3000 year old mummy seen using hi-tech scanner


Bandages show facial features

Source:  Philips Healthcare/University of Chicago

Bandages show facial features

Scan shows the bandages that wrapped Meresamun giving an indication of her facial features. The new scans suggest she was about five feet five inches in height – tall for an ancient Egyptian and was in her late 20s or early 30s when she died. She was an attractive woman with wide set eyes, a symmetric face, prominent cheekbones and a long neck. She was in extremely good health, with a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle, with no dental disease or cavities but the entire top layer of her tooth enamel had been worn down by the grit in Egyptian bread, which was made from stone-ground flour.


Scientists have used an advanced scanner to get never-before-seen images of a 3000-year-old mummy. Staff at the University of Chicago combined X-rays with advanced computer processing technology to create the images.
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