Photos: Royal Family and Beckhams census from 1911


1911 Suffragettes

Source:  Image provided courtesy of The National Archives

1911 Suffragettes

To view the census log on to and register for free.


The online census reveals the details of the 36 million people living in England and Wales in 1911.

The original census records were handwritten by each individual head of household. ISP Brightsolid, an expert in the digitisation and management of records, digitised the hand written census forms.

The online census for 1911 had over 17 million page views on the first day it went live. 645,000 people conducted 3.4 million searches on the first day of release

The most popular time of day to visit the site was between 7pm and 8pm - with 57,000 people searching their family history and generating 2.3 million page views

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