Photos: Top 10 most anticipated PC games for 2009


Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum

Following The Dark Knight comes the Batman game we've all been waiting for Batman Arkham Asylum. One that the film deserves. If you don't follow the Batman comics basically Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is the setting of this game. It's a psychiatric hospital in the DC Comics Universe, usually in stories featuring Batman. Many psychotic criminals, including a number of Batman's enemies, such as The Joker and Two-Face, have been imprisoned within the Asylum.



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I really like the batman one
I continue to be amazed at the photorealism in the games, although in a few cases, I think the image is a cut-scene, not a real gaming interaction.

Lots and lots of immersive violence here -- not much I can play with my daughters. "Trine" looks interesting, combining puzzles with real physics. I used to really be annoyed with the stairs in King's Quest - as an adult I realize now they were part of the game. 

I continue to not get the sims. I have extended family that forgot to bathe or sleep to play sims more. ("How do you go to the bathroom" / "I have a cup" - conversations like that)  You know what they could have instead of a fake pizza place? An /actual/ job that made money.  Still, somebody likes it! :-)