Photos: Offloading your unwanted gifts on eBay


4. Free Postage!

Source:  Rex Features

4. Free Postage!

Raise the price of your item’s start price slightly, and then offer free postage. Postage on eBay has always been a bone of contention – and over priced postage is a sure fire way of turning buyers off. Proclaiming free postage on your items headline can be a good way of getting buyers interested. Be careful to limit this to your home country, however.


Aunty Maureen got you what she thought was the latest thing in computing, sadly that USB hub she got is a bit passé for your discerning geeky tastes. So what do you do with it?

You can relegate it to the dongle basket that lives inside your wardrobe, or you could sell it and make a bit of money. Time to brush up on your eBay selling skills.

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