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TV wristwatch - Octopussy (1983) Roger Moore

Source:  Rex Features

TV wristwatch - Octopussy (1983) Roger Moore

Watches have always been a popular weapon housing for Bond. If he reaches for his watch it’s always indicating Seconds Out, Round One of a wild escapade. Roger Moore starts Octopussy with a direction-finding Seiko G757-5020 but ends using a Seiko wristwatch with a video display. Over the years there have been several attempts to produce TV watch but most have been ugly, cumbersome and disappointing efforts. This may be changing with Amazon selling NHJ TV watches from 2004 on its US site for $49.97 (£32). Screen technology and miniaturisation has improved over the last four years and the popularity of iPods and other video playing gadgets may spawn fresh attempts to produce a watch. Being called out during Match of the Day may not be such a chore in the future.


There is a definite bond between secret agents and gadgets. From the Geiger counter in Dr No, James Bond has been bedecked with hardware that has ranged from the plausible to the fantastical. The current Bond (Daniel Craig, starring in The Quantum of Solace) is a relative technophobe, which is a pity because the Bond devices have always stirred the imagination. Here are our top fifteen gadgets that are either real or have perhaps inspired technological innovation.

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