Unified Comms for the smaller business


Benefits of unified communications

Source:  Quocirca

Benefits of unified communications

  1. UC enables SMBs to easily link in to the business processes of other organisations. This makes the automated participation in supply chains, distribution channels and support networks simpler.
  2. Driving communications across a single IP based network is cheaper than managing multiple separate networks for different communications channels. Providing a choice means that cheap data communications are often used where relatively expensive phone calls would have been made in the past.
  3. Used well, UC can help an organisation drive down its carbon footprint. This is both through making communications that drive business processes more efficient but also through replacing the need for many face-to-face meetings through the provision of online collaboration tools.
  4. UC makes it easier for employees to do their jobs from wherever they happen to be. This makes it easier for many to achieve a better work life balance.


Unified communications is about providing a single platform to drive and manage all the different methods via which employees now communicate with each other and the outside world.Quocirca's Bob Tarzey looks at the options for SMEs.
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