Photos: Payment technology in the US


Smartcards in the retail sector

Smartcards in the retail sector

Clothing chain Old Navy is part of the majority of US retailers that still do not use chip-and-PIN technology to process payments. Currently, businesses utilise electronic signature capture devices (seen above) to verify payments. Computer Weekly made a purchase of $80 with an unsigned card and that went unnoticed by the cashier. Traditionally, businesses have resisted using the technology due to the costs involved. However, the chip-and-PIN debate in the US has been recently re-ignited by the news that financial services institution United Nations Federal Credit Union will start providing Visa-branded credit cards equipped with the technology to its Platinum members who currently have trouble using their mag stripe cards overseas. Retail giant Wal-Mart has also spoken publicly about the issue at an event, with a company representative saying that "it's time for Chip-and-PIN in the US."


We take a look at the latest payment technologies in use across three major US cities
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