Making the case for a greener data centre



Source:  Quocirca


With greater awareness within the customer base that profligacy with energy is a bad thing, a move towards greener IT is also something that can be played strongly through the company brand. Being able to convert savings into amounts the customer can understand can have a big impact and can tip the scales in the favour of the greener organisation if messaged correctly. For instance it is unlikely that a customer will be swayed by a statement such as “We managed to reduce our data centre cooling overhead by 120,000BTU and our direct energy usage by 3.2MWhs”, but may be by “Our green initiatives have led to savings equivalent to the energy used by 20,000 UK homes, 100,000 heated Olympic-sized swimming pools or 3,500 return transatlantic flights”.


Although “Green” has slid down the list of priorities throughout the recession, it has not disappeared completely. The advent of government driven green initiatives, such as the CRC EES in the UK, means that several thousand UK organisations are now having to monitor and measure their energy usage at a granular level in order to plan to maximise the financial gains (or minimise the financial losses) through their positions in the CRC league tables, writes Clive Longbottom.

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