How Intel Atom processors are supporting 1000mph Bloodhound car


How to drive a car at 1000mph

Source:  Intel

How to drive a car at 1000mph

Also making its début at the Farnborough air show was the Bloodhound Driving Experience. The prototype cockpit offers test drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the jet and rocket powered car and experience motoring at 15 times the national speed limit as they aim to set a new World Land Speed record.


Bloodhound, the 1000mph supersonic car, is to use Intel technology in its bid to improve the world land speed record. The chip maker’s Atom processors – similar to versions used in laptop computers – will be part of the engine and in-car control systems and will manage the calculations behind the car’s “hybrid” propulsion systems. The car will be powered by the largest hybrid rocket ever designed in Europe - including a jet engine from Typhoon fighter aircraft.

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