Business case for the Connected Enterprise


The value of collaboration

Source:  Quocirca

The value of collaboration

Using enterprise-class secure communication and collaboration tools enables an organisation to look outside of its direct employee base, without the potential problems of free-for-all use of, for example, Facebook and Twitter. Externals, such as consultants and contractors, can be rapidly enabled to work as peers within the organisation's environment, and suppliers and customers can also be involved, by enabling them to provide valuable insights into issues and to submit their ideas as to how best to optimise processes and to introduce new innovations. The immediacy of real-time and near-time communication and collaboration tools also enables issues to be dealt with far more rapidly.


Organisations today no longer have the luxury to be able to reach decisions the way they did in the “good old days” (well, maybe five years ago). 

Hierarchical decision making is too slow, too dependent on the knowledge and capabilities of immediate reports in the employment chain and is too prone to errors.  There must be a better way...

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