Gatwick gears up for complete IT overhaul


Gatwick's IT recruitment drive

Gatwick's IT recruitment drive

Gatwick is looking to recruit between 20 and 25 IT staff and between three and six service partners. Birrell says he remains open to all ideas, including cloud computing, but he advises anyone facing a big project like his to not think about the technology too much. “My advice would be to invest in good people. For the first three months in Gatwick I spent 80% of my time recruiting people and it is paying big dividends now. Otherwise you have to do it all yourself. Or you pay a fortune for third-party consultants to do it for you. “Having good, motivated people is worth an absolute fortune. That is what makes you successful – technology is pretty irrelevant. Having the people there is what is making it work.”


Gatwick Airport was recently sold to Global Infrastructure Partners, which is planning an overhaul of the entire operation. Technology will be a big part of that, with nearly all the systems needing attention.

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