Gatwick gears up for complete IT overhaul


Simplification of IT systems is a priority

Simplification of IT systems is a priority

A priority is to simplify the IT. The airport has an Oracle ERP system that is seven or eight years old and is heavily customised. Birrell says much of the back office will be run by off-the-shelf systems. “Even our phone system is complex, with 4,500 phone lines, and six phone exchanges. It is such a fragmented world. The new systems will be much simpler. The back office systems here are no different to other companies, so we can use off-the-shelf systems. "The airfield is unique, but the back office is common. We will fit standard processes to standard systems, rather than trying to customise. The only way your back office can give you competitive advantage is by being simpler and more agile,” he says.


Gatwick Airport was recently sold to Global Infrastructure Partners, which is planning an overhaul of the entire operation. Technology will be a big part of that, with nearly all the systems needing attention.

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