Gatwick gears up for complete IT overhaul


IT will be integral to airport improvement plans

IT will be integral to airport improvement plans

Birrel says the project will be interesting because the company recognises the value that technology can bring and realises it needs to be an integral part of the improvement plans. Not only does IT have the potential to make the airport efficient and well run, but it could be a crucial part of giving it a competitive edge over Heathrow. “In a lot of companies IT is seen as a cost centre – here, it is an enabler because it impacts the customer directly,” says Birrell. “There is a basic need to separate a very complex and expensive IT estate from Heathrow. Right now, IT is an inhibitor to the plans that the new owners want to carry out. I am right there in the middle of the investment plans to transform the airport because it is a key enabler to achieving the company’s goals. The CEO is very clear that IT is a catalyst for changing the way we do business.”


Gatwick Airport was recently sold to Global Infrastructure Partners, which is planning an overhaul of the entire operation. Technology will be a big part of that, with nearly all the systems needing attention.

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