Photos: Great female technology entrepreneurs


Anna Lewis - Great female technology entrepreneurs

Anna Lewis - Great female technology entrepreneurs

Anna Lewis set up, an online publishing platform that enables writers to make their books available online and in print with no set-up cost. Writers can then work on improving, selling and promoting their books within the CompletelyNovel community. By interacting with readers on the website and using it as a base to share their work, writers can build a profile for themselves that they can then take on to literary agents and publishers to prove that their book has a potential market.

Anna co-founded the site with university friend Oliver Brooks. She says, “We were very interested in the potential of new technology such as the social web and print-on-demand to change the publishing industry. New developments have meant that there are lots of opportunities to try and solve the inefficiencies in the system and bring it up to date with today's market.”


While the arguments over how to get a better gender balance in tech fly back and forth, there’s a small army of women who are getting on with running their own technology-related companies. Here we’ve highlighted just a few female entrepreneurs working in the UK who founded their own IT companies, or use technology to provide a product or service.
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