Photos: Great female technology entrepreneurs


Kate Craig-Wood - Great female technology entrepreneurs

Kate Craig-Wood - Great female technology entrepreneurs

Kate Craig-Wood runs Memset, a company providing virtual dedicated servers that she founded with her brother after each putting in £2,000 capital six years ago. The business has grown to produce revenue of £1.4m and profit of £300,000. Craig-Wood says the early stages of setting up the business required a balance of optimism and discipline.

She says, “I was quite sensible – I had a business plan and had been quite rigourous. And I had a lot of advice from people. We spotted a market and had very realistic expectations. “I didn’t expect to get paid anything substantial for three years. In our first year we made £10,000 profit, and that was my wage. I worked hard for several years for much less than I could have earned on the open market. But it was what I wanted to do.”

Her advice is to be brave but realistic. “It does require courage, but you need to back up your decisions. Don’t be afraid of going in


While the arguments over how to get a better gender balance in tech fly back and forth, there’s a small army of women who are getting on with running their own technology-related companies. Here we’ve highlighted just a few female entrepreneurs working in the UK who founded their own IT companies, or use technology to provide a product or service.
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