How Top Gear laptop survived Bolivian expedition


The joy of sand

The joy of sand

Our final challenge involved crossing the Chilean Atacama desert. Sand Devils (mini tornadoes) danced across the land and away into the distance – and the sand particles lashed against exposed legs, arms and face acting like little pin pricking needles. The paint on our vehicles was worn down to bare metal and dust got inside even with the air conditioning on and the windows sealed. Sudden gusts of wind picked up handfuls of sand and regularly covered the laptop, blanketing the screen and keyboard in grit that buried itself under the keys. But it carried on regardless each time after a quick dust down.


Ex British Special Forces soldier Gary Humphrey explains how he supported Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and the Top Gear production team on their epic journey through the Amazon rainforest and across the Andes. Humphrey  runs Endeavour Consultancy, a company which provides photography to the defence industry,
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