Photos: Top ten must-have mobiles for Christmas reviewed


Sony Ericsson Pureness limited Edition phone, £649 Sim-free

Sony Ericsson Pureness limited Edition phone, £649 Sim-free

This is a super fancy phone that doesn't do much but look pretty. It allows you to talk, text, and tell the time and for £649 most people would take a lot of persuading. But the phone is out of this world when it comes to design. It has a translucent screen and T9 keypad below it which lights up when touched. If money is no object, it’s a good gift for that uber-luxurious person in your life.


Here are this year’s top ten mobile phones that would make great Christmas presents. They were chosen and rated by’s Leila Makki – to find out more and give your opinion watch her video on the top ten phones.
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