Photo review: Karmic Koala kickstarts new Ubuntu 9.10


Software centre - Review of Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Software centre - Review of Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Ubuntu's Software Centre, new in this release, is a user-friendly route to downloading and installing applications. Each icon represents a category to explore, or you can search across all of them by typing in the box. It looks like this may be the beginnings of an Ubuntu App Store: the description for each package includes a price, which currently says Free for all of them. Otherwise, this is not much different from other package managers, though it only includes a subset of what is available and you still need Synaptic or the command line for the full selection.

Even Software Centre can be perplexing, as you perform a search and survey several alternatives in varying states of beta and alpha, with version numbers like 0.12.3-6. The ease of finding and installing applications is still one of the best features of Linux though, easily beating Windows.


Ubuntu 9.10, also known as Karmic Koala, is taking on Microsoft's Windows 7. The Koala has a better software installer, faster boot times and much more. Here's our thorough review.

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