Photos: Data visualisation – the case for graphic clarity


Rough waters - Data visualisation

Source:  N. Willems / H. van de Wetering / J. van Wijk / TUE

Rough waters - Data visualisation

On a rough day the shipping lanes break down, and shipping density doesn't get so high.

The slow-moving vessels produce darker, more defined trails.

The new visualisation method was developed by Niels Willems at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, with colleagues Huub van de Wetering, and Jack van Wijk.

(Image: N. Willems / H. van de Wetering / J. van Wijk / TUE)


As new ways of analysing the world around us are developed, new ways to visualise that information are needed.

The recent Eurovis Symposium, held in Berlin, brought together international researchers with new ideas about how to make data easier to interpret and act on.

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