Top 10 Twitter marketing blunders in photos



Source:  Rex Features

Amazon - Top 10 Twitter marketing blunders

Not only does social media make it easy for uninitiated staff to make PR gaffes, Twitter means the news spreads like wildfire. Amazon learnt the hard way that Twitter can take a problem and make it huge. The hash tag #Amazonfail quickly became one of the most popular tags on the site in April, after the online retailer started to class lesbian and gay books as adult products, irrespective of content. The story broke after writer Mark Probst couldn’t get a sales ranking for two of his books, and found that hundreds of books had been similarly blacklisted. The company blamed a glitch in its sales rank feature, but thousands of Twitter users weren’t convinced and there are still negative tweets about the incident now.


Twitter is supposed to be an intuitive technology, easy to get the hang of and proving its worth the more you use it. But on Twitter, as on many social media sites, users seem to exist in one of two camps – those who get it, and those who don’t.

There are celebrities who don’t follow anyone, treating the site like a broadcasting service and apparently finding not one person interesting enough to follow. There are companies and publications who only update on their new products, or stories, apparently unaware that the real point is engagement.

And then there are those who get it spectacularly wrong.

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