Photos: How to upgrade your old PC to run Windows Vista and Windows 7


PC upgrade: Putting it back together

PC upgrade: Putting it back together

You will need to plug the remaining components, refit the case, and plug in video, keyboard and mouse cables to get started. When you switch the PC on, bring up the BIOS setup screen and check the hard disc is visible. AMD assures me that it's impossible to boot into the OS - you will need to reinstall Windows. I decided to do a clean installation of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.


Cliff Saran provides a step-by-step guide to updating an ancient Pentium 4 3.2 GHz XP-based machine with 2 GBytes of memory to an AMD Phenom Quad Core PC with 4 Gbytes of memory running Windows Vista.

The hardware is built around a Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 motherboard.

NB: PC components can easily be damaged by static electricity - I recommend you use an anti-static wristband.

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