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Shop takes on new staff member better equipped for snow

Source:  C Froley 2008

Shop takes on new staff member better equipped for snow

One of the local shops in Carshalton was able to open up thanks to its innovative recruitment policy. This snowman was ready to greet all customers brave enough to trudge through the drifts in an effort to source supplies.


Heavy snowfalls have caused travel disruption across much of Britain, keeping many people away from the office.

In greater London, where Computer Weekly is based, we've been experiencing the heaviest snow to fall for 18 years.

Computer Weekly staff have been snapping the snowy scenes in their areas - if you're snowbound too, send us your photos for the gallery and we'll post the best online.

Tip: Stuck at home and want to find out how others are faring with the weather? Try a Twitter search on #uksnow.

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