Photos: Celebrating the mother of all demos


40 years of the mouse, but will it survive?

40 years of the mouse, but will it survive?

Today, the mouse has become the preferred way users interact with their computer’s graphical user interface and the internet. These days, infrared sensors track movement. Some mice, like the Air Mouse, even include motion sensors, which enable users to wave the mouse in the air to control a cursor on the screen.


It was described by as the mother of all demos. On December 9th 1968 Doug Engelbart and a group of researchers from the Augmented Human Intellect (AHI) Research Center at Stanford Research Institute gave a public demonstration of how they saw IT would change the way people work.

The 90 minute demo to 1000 computer professional was the first public showing of a mouse, hypertext linking and significantly the concept of personal computing.

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