Photos: Hardware Hoarders - Your old computers (PART 2)


Darren Spencers 1983 Oric-1

Darren Spencers 1983 Oric-1

Darren's tale of lost innocence begins: "What can I say… I was seduced, at the age of 12 in 1983, by the ORIC-1 with 48KB of RAM that the ZX81 just didn’t have and also a proper keyboard that didn’t need 3 hands to operate it! "So, you guessed it, my computing virginity was lost to this awesome temptress with 1MHz CPU, 240x200 (hi-res) graphics and as it was my first I can’t seem to let go... "I have moved house 4 times now, it’s still with me and has been for more years than my wife of 14 years and 3 children – BIZARRE!" It's okay Darren, we understand!


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We're inviting Computer Weekly readers to send us photos and videos of the oldest IT equipment they've held on to, and to share their excuses for hoarding it.

We had around 70 photos last year!

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