Photos: Top 15 James Bond gadgets


Killer briefcase - From Russia with Love (1963) Sean Connery

Source:  Rex Features

Killer briefcase - From Russia with Love (1963) Sean Connery

The briefcase packed a punch containing a folding AR-7 sniper rifle, 40 rounds of ammunition, a throwing knife that popped out of the side, a bottle of tear gas disguised as a bottle of talcum powder and 50 gold sovereigns.


There is a definite bond between secret agents and gadgets. From the Geiger counter in Dr No, James Bond has been bedecked with hardware that has ranged from the plausible to the fantastical. The current Bond (Daniel Craig, starring in The Quantum of Solace) is a relative technophobe, which is a pity because the Bond devices have always stirred the imagination. Here are our top fifteen gadgets that are either real or have perhaps inspired technological innovation.

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