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    • Data takes to the road - the technology behind the Tour de France
    • Security industry welcomes planned UK Data Protection Bill
    • Integration is key to Office 365’s progress
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  • The iPhone and other top smartphones for business

    The iPhone from Apple is 10 years old. It began a revolution in smartphones. We look at the top devices that predated the iPhone and some new innovations

  • Introducing Microsoft PowerShell

    Real sys admins never use GUI tools. PowerShell offers command line tools for managing and automating Windows servers and Microsoft online services

  • Inside Diamond Light Source, the UK's synchrotron facility

    Computer Weekly recently visited the particle accelerator facility, to see how cutting edge software and hardware engineering is supporting pioneering science

  • MSC Cruises goes digital with Deloitte, Samsung and HPE

    MSC Digital has worked with Deloitte, HPE and Samsung to build a digitally powered passenger services using tablets, kiosks, bluetooth and facial recognition

  • MWC 2017: An overview of what's going on at Mobile World Congress

    We give a quick tour of some of the hot new technologies and trends on show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

  • The technology transforming the retail industry

    The retail space is evolving rapidly as brick-and-mortar stores try and compete with pureplays such as Amazon. Omni-channel retailing has increased the pressure on retailers to deliver a fast, reliable service whilst also ensuring their brand offers a personalised customer experience. This picture gallery looks at some of the technology innovations that are driving and transforming the retail industry such as in-store technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • A guide to Alexa smart home integration

    We look at how Amazon's voice service, Alexa, can be used to control smart home devices

  • CW@50: News in December

    A selection of significant articles from the Computer Weekly archives published in the month of December over the last few decades

  • UKtech50 2016 - The most influential people in UK IT

    Computer Weekly has announced the seventh annual UKtech50, our definitive list of the movers and shakers in UK IT – the CIOs, industry executives, public servants and business leaders driving the role of technology in the UK economy

  • CW@50: News in November

    The National Museum of Computing selects significant articles published in the month of November over the last few decades

  • CW@50: News in October

    The National Museum of Computing has been looking into Computer Weekly’s 50 years of magazine issues from the month of October

  • Windows Server 2016: A first look

    Windows Server 2016 is a major release of Microsoft's server operating system, with more changes than in Windows Server 2012 R2 back in 2013