Photos: First look at OpenOffice 3.3


OpenOffice still defaults to ODT format

OpenOffice still defaults to ODT format

There remains the question of document compatibility. Defaulting to .odt Open Document Format as OpenOffice 3.3 does, Microsoft Word users will generally have a hard time opening these files and will have to perform some form of reformatting or open the file in another application. However, Writer does offer a full list of SAVE AS options which includes Word 97, Word 95, Word 6.0 and .rtf format. It also offers an immediate export to PDF function from the toolbar.


Released this summer with the final product expected soon, OpenOffice 3.3 beta is giving the Microsoft office 2010 proprietary suite of productivity applications a good run for its money. Adrian Bridgwater takes a look at the free, open source office productivity suite.

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