Putting a value on social media in business



Source:  Quocirca


Since social networking involves using external sites, there will also be issues that need to be pre-planned for. Once information is on these sites, it will be next to impossible to call it back or erase it – so it will be far better to use data leak prevention tools in order to prevent such accidental or malicious content from getting out there in the first place. Also, choosing the right site as the prime publishing point for any social networking campaign can be difficult. With such massive choice out there, should a broad profile site such as Facebook be chosen, or a more targeted professional one such as LinkedIn? Will a more geographic site, such as VKontakte in Russia meet your requirements more directly? If your campaign is to be based around video stored on YouTube, how can you best use other sites to spark interest through using pointers to the YouTube content? Also, monitoring feedback and the sentiment of the crowd is difficult as the viral nature of a campaign or comment takes off.


Clive Longbottom,, founder of analyst firm Quocirca, looks at the business drivers for IT to drive forward social media in business.
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