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SSDNow 2.5 inch Sata II drive enclosure

SSDNow 2.5 inch Sata II drive enclosure

The drive enclosure allows you to copy the OS without having to install the SSD drive physically in the PC's chassis. Although not a necessary first step, it does ensure you don't accidentally damage the operating system or PC before you start the upgrade.


Solid atate disks (SSD) offer an easy, and relatively inexpensive means of boosting the performance of an older PC. The SSD behaves like a standard hard disk, but it uses memory chips instead of hard disc platters, so it is significantly faster, quieter and more reliable.. In Windows, if the operating system and paged memory are migrated onto the SSD, the PC's performance should increase significantly. It is possible to run several operating systems, like Ubuntu and Windsows 7 using separate partitions on the SSD. You will then use a boot manager, like the one that installs in Windows, to select which operating system launches.

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