Photos: Great female technology entrepreneurs


Eileen Brown - Great female technology entrepreneurs

Eileen Brown - Great female technology entrepreneurs

Eileen Brown is CEO of Amastra Ltd, a company that helps businesses understand and use social media. She is a former Microsoft Evangelist, IT consultant and technical specialist.

She says the key to getting more women into IT is “to help them believe in themselves.” One big practical step to keeping women in the industry is to improve flexible working practices, especially for women with children.

Eileen says companies should be forced to offer “easier access to guilt free remote working and flexible hours so we don’t lose female talent after they’ve had children.”


While the arguments over how to get a better gender balance in tech fly back and forth, there’s a small army of women who are getting on with running their own technology-related companies. Here we’ve highlighted just a few female entrepreneurs working in the UK who founded their own IT companies, or use technology to provide a product or service.
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