17 days of Christmas book give-away


Prize: e-business

Prize: e-business

Day 5 - 7th December

Which call centre software has "Which" magazine recently announced a deal to move to?


ComputerWeekly.com is celebrating the 17 days of Christmas by giving away a book a day for the next 17 working days before Christmas.

We're stopping at 17 for several reasons; we only have 17 books to give away; we don't think that good old Royal Mail will get the book to you before Christmas after that date; and finally and most importantly we hope to be on holidays from 21 December onwards.

So how does the competition work?

Each day we will ask a question on twitter - the only rules are that the question is topical - if you can answer the question, you email your response to: [email protected].

A winner will be selected each day from those who answer the question correctly.

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