Photos: Devastating human impact of toxic technology waste


Stripping wires from e-waste - Devastating human impact of toxic IT waste

Stripping wires from e-waste - Devastating human impact of toxic IT waste

A migrant worker strips wires from e-waste, Guiyu, China. Much of modern electronic equipment contains toxic ingredients. Vast amounts are routinely and often illegally shipped as waste from Europe, USA and Japan to countries in Asia as it is easier and cheaper to dump the problem on poorer countries with lower environmental standards. This practice exposes the workers and communities involved in dismantling e-waste to serious, environmental problems, danger and health hazards. Greenpeace is strongly urging major manufactures to exclude toxic materials from their products.


Gangs of criminals, posing as computer recycling firms, are dumping hundreds of containers full of broken computer equipment in the developing world every week.

Up to 900 containers a week are arriving in Africa and Asia from Western Europe and the US, according to e-waste experts.

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