Well known computer firms of the past -- where are they now?


What happened to Olivetti

Source:  Computer Weekly archive

What happened to Olivetti

Olivetti began as an Italian typewriter manufacturer in 1908, debuting its first model, the Olivetti M1 (pictured) in 1911. The company was famous for its industrial design and went on to produce a range of personal computers.

According to its entry on Wikipedia, Luxembourg-based Bell acquired a controlling stake in Olivetti in 1999, but sold it to a consortium including the Pirelli and Benetton groups two years later. In 2003 Olivetti was absorbed into the Telecom Italia group.

The PC in the 1980s was no match to Apple’s Mac with its graphical user interface. Apple’s Steve Jobs had more tricks up his sleeve after he left the company. >>


The journey to modern computing has involved several companies, each making a vital contribution. But despite the significance of their various milestones, many have merged with modern household name companies while others have stumbled into obscurity and bankruptcy. Computer Weekly traces the histories of some of these seminal computer companies.

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I am much content i have come to this blog site.


I'd be interested to know what happened to Olivetti as I worked for them during the 1980s/90s and paid some of my salary to their pension fund. I'd rather like to get it back...

The Olivetti pension is now dealt with be AON.
My father worked for Olivetti Underwood for many years, he retired when the company was leaving New York for Texas.  He always said there was a life insurance policy provided by the company.  He recently passed away and I haven't been able to find any   contact information.
Richard Grace - ex Olivetti (20 years) UK
Olivetti - I have continued my work on Pinterest and become largest user in UK. Take a look. Just by the way there is a section on Olivetti with quite a lot of info - "click the pins" they lead to stuff. + at http://aarco.co.uk/cv.html - you can see my CV. Also from same page you can see Largest Pinterest collection in UK with 4.1 million viewers (my first retirement project). - Richard

(Senior Manager at Olivetti UK for 15 years ish)

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