Photos: Renault F1 unveil improved aerodynamics using data centre


ING Renault and APC supercomputer

ING Renault and APC supercomputer

The ING Renault F1 Team and APC worked closely together to design a room to provide the power and cooling capacity required by Mistral together with associated equipment including an InfiniBand network switch and storage. The new supercomputer comprises in excess of 4000 CPU cores and is currently the largest in use in Formula 1 racing. In use, Mistral’s number-crunching capacity would place it comfortably within the top 100 performers in the Supercomputer Top 500 list.


Formula 1 team ING Renault F1 has updated its data centre to improve the complex aerodynamic modelling needed to create a winning F1 car for the new season that starts on March 29 in Austrailia.

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