Photos: Renault F1 unveils new supercomputer to boost its 2009 championship hopes


Its all about designing better cars each year

Source:  Eric Doyle

Its all about designing better cars each year

Alain Prost's Renault RE40 car from the 1983 season


All the talk in motor sport at the moment is Max Moseley's plan to standardise engine sizes for the 2010 formula one season to reduce the costs of competing in the formula one championship.

By introducing this plan, Moseley has made it clear that the credit crunch has hit the most prolifigate of sports. However, it is clear that not all teams, Ferrari in particular, are keen for this measure.

Moseley's plan would see the standard specification Cosworth engine would make its debut in 2010, and although reports yesterday suggested that cost-cutting measures had been agreed, the details haven't been revealed.

While all this wrangling has been going on ComputerWeekly vsisted Renault's formula one team headquarteres to see how the team has deployed a new supercomputer, which it believes will help the constructor get back to poll position on the grid.

The new high performance supercomputer will help the Renault F1 team build better car models for use in the team's wind tunnel at its headquarters in Oxfordshire.


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