Photos: Gartner Symposium Keynote, Cannes


Gartner distinguished analyst, Susan Landry: Take web 2.0 seriously

Source:  Cliff Saran

Gartner distinguished analyst, Susan Landry: Take web 2.0 seriously

Susan Landry, a Gartner distinguished analyst came up on stage next. She explained why IT departments need to use Web 2.0 technologies. "Seven times more savvy consumers are using mash-ups than IT departments have estimated. Three times as many users are running Google Apps." All of these do not fall under the control of the IT department. "IT departments need to recalibrate their value to the business," she said.


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Given a backdrop of economic slowdown and recession, the Gartner Symposium in Cannes has kicked off with a sombre message for chief information officers and IT directors: rather than look at reducing costs, look at adding value. True innovation occurs when trading conditions are tough. The message from the keynote speakers is: "IT must innovate in this economic downturn." Further photos are also available on Gartner's Flickr pages.

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