Visual Studio 2010 first look


Support for parallel programming in Visual Studio 2010

Source:  Microsoft

Support for parallel programming in Visual Studio 2010

Parallel programming, which is necessary to exploit today’s multi-core processors, but challenging because multi-threaded applications are hard to code without introducing errors. Visual Studio 2010 has better support for parallel programming at every level, from the core framework and libraries through the debugging and profiling tools. Although .net has always supported multi-threading, manual coding of thread management is both difficult and unsatisfactory. It is difficult because of the complexity of thread synchronisation and unsatisfactory because the programmer cannot know in advance how many cores are available. The Task Parallel Library in .net 4.0, and the Concurrency Runtime for Visual C++, offer intelligent runtime scheduling that is aware of the capabilities of the machine.


Visual Studio 2010 is a major release of Microsoft's software development tool. The changes start with a brand new editor and shell built on version 4.0 of the .net framework and libraries, which itself is new. Microsoft has also added tools to support its cloud platform, Windows Azure, as well as Silverlight, its cross-platform browser plug-in for rich internet applications.

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