Gatwick gears up for complete IT overhaul


CIO has to cut ties to Heathrow

CIO has to cut ties to Heathrow

Gatwick CIO Stuart Birrell says, “Everything is run at Heathrow, all the knowledge base is there. We have to effectively cut the links to Heathrow and create all the systems and technologies here. Everything at the moment is for multiple airports, and we need something that will run a single airport.” A lot of new CIOs have some transformation work to do, but Birrell has more than most. Gatwick owner Global Infrastructure Partners is spending £1bn across the airport. “We are refurbishing and rebuilding the whole airport, and IT is a fairly interesting chunk of that,” says Birrell. Gatwick is looking for between 20 and 25 IT staff and between three and six service partners to help it complete this work.


Gatwick Airport was recently sold to Global Infrastructure Partners, which is planning an overhaul of the entire operation. Technology will be a big part of that, with nearly all the systems needing attention.

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I believe so, too. Technology has come a long way and if it did help people and huge companies improve, then it can develop airport conveniences, too. I cannot wait for the success of this new project. I’m sure the airport will be a more exciting place to stay in, even for just a short amount of time.

Trudi Thorburn