Photos: IT saving lives in Iraqi warzone


Lieutenant Commander Rob Cogan - IT saving lives in Iraqi warzones

Lieutenant Commander Rob Cogan - IT saving lives in Iraqi warzones

Among all the challenges the engineers face, security is up there as one of the biggest.

There are multi-layered security measures to deal with different levels of threat – the internet, which plenty of people need access to, is obviously open source.

At the other end of the spectrum are computer systems that hold proper secrets. Cogan said, “We cant have a single computer that enables all military activity to work, or a single set of applications because there are so many diverse tasks.

We have to multiple applications and systems to keep the security side of things spread out.”

During the war, security was made even more complicated by the need to link some systems up to American or German systems. Officers tackle the problems using both practical measures, like the physical location of servers and equipment, and technical measures, like specialist equipment that spreads bits of information between different security domains.

Testing systems on the ground isn’t that e

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