Women in IT presentation: Kate Russell - author, tech reporter, speaker & educator

Drawing on 20 years’ experience working in the technology media, BBC presenter, tech reporter and author Kate Russell puts forward her manifesto for getting more girls interested in studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.

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I have a bit of a different perspective than the speaker. I do believe that females have unique viewpoints and opinions on a variety of topics, including technology. That has been my personal experience, anyway. I am the only female on my team, and it is very apparent to me that I think differently from my male colleagues in many ways. For one thing, I have absolutely no interest in gaming at all :)
I have studied IT on high school (where I came to love how logical it is) i went to prestigious IT university. I'm a programmer - I write games for living. I make youtube videos of playing them, I stream it on twitch. I'm a woman and there only very few 'pilots' who can beat me in combat. Generally I do not have much different point of view as my male friends, but I do want nice clothes on my in-game character :p How did i get here, i never really thought about that. Perhaps it was because of my disability, i've got screwed up vocal cord and can't speak loud. Maybe that's the reason why did i choose this path? Maybe not - i was in love with a guy who went to my university, a year older than me... maybe that influenced me? Either way I love my job, I love my free time, and I don't look like stereotypical idea of a nerd :p Although I do have my own linux server at home!

And I do agree with Kate.