Lauri Love - my battle with extradition

Electrical engineering student Lauri Love faces a potential 99-year prison sentence in the US, after a court ruled on 16th September 2016 that he can be extradicted to the US.

He has been fighting deportation to the US, which could see him facing a lifetime in prison, and potentially solitary confinement, since 2015.

Medical experts have warned that Love, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and depression, would be at high risk of suicide under the harsh conditions in US jails.

In this exclusive documentary by Computer Weekly and Insofar Media, Love tells the story of how his interest in computers developed from a young age and how his growing interest in politics at university later led him to online activism.

His legal team plan to appeal the extradition decision.

“Now the bluff has been called and there is a very real prospect of me being sent to America, and I don’t think anyone really wants that, and that was allowed to happen because the gamble was made that I am not as obstinate, or stubborn, or principled, depending on how you want to look at it,” said Love.

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