Delivering Diversity in Technology: What does inclusion mean to you?

Many firms are focused on increasing the amount of diversity in their technology teams, but it is becoming clear that building an inclusive environment is integral to retaining a diverse workforce. Computer Weekly's business editor, Clare McDonald, hosts a panel of experts discussing diversity in the workplace.

  • Abigail Rappoport is CEO of Emoquo, a company delivering real-time digital coaching and analytics to build emotional resilience for people and organisations.
  • Josh Uwadiae is the founder and CEO of WeGym, a platform passionate about making personal training accessible to everyday people - less luxury more lifestyle.
  • Arfah Farooq is a creative business strategist at Reluctantly Brave and the co-founder of Muslamic Makers, a meetup for Muslims working in tech.
  • Gabriela Matias is People Partner at GoCardless, the Fintech company that provides a simple way to accept recurring payments online in the UK.
  • Paul Guerrieria, senior SDM, CSA team at Google, has worked at Google for seven years in two different roles - first managing various media agency relationships, and then writing and delivering cross-product narratives to market.

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