CW500 Interview: Daniel Hulme discusses artificial intelligence (AI)

For some firms artificial intelligence is the norm, and for others it is a technology they are only now considering adopting. In this CW500 video, Daniel Hulme, CEO of Satalia and director of University College London’s business analytics MSc, answers questions posed by Computer Weekly’s editor-in-chief Bryan Glick, including:

Why is AI becoming such a big issue for businesses now?

What are the biggest challenges that they are likely to face, and what would you advise them to do to tackle those?

How can firms start adopting AI?

In answering these questions, Humle covers AI and how it will impact on the role of IT leadership, as well as how AI will change IT organisations, IT departments and the organisations they serve.

Hulme claims there are two definitions of AI: getting computers to do things humans can do, and systems that are able to adapt themselves, the best of which work using “goal directed adaptive behaviour”.

Of the challenges AI poses for IT leaders, Hulme said the biggest two are:

  1. Technology
  2. Talent

When rounding off, Hulme weighs up waiting to invest in technology such as AI, and investing early to be ahead of the curve, but warns against investing in the wrong things. How can firms avoid bed investments? Don’t be seduced by the hype, and get as much advice as possible.

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