CW500 Interview: Jonathan Midgley discusses artificial intelligence (AI)

For some firms artificial intelligence is the norm, and for others it is a technology they are only now considering adopting. In this CW500 video, Jonathan Midgley, director of engineering at Trainline, answers questions posed by Computer Weekly’s editor-in-chief Bryan Glick, including:

What does AI mean to you, and why has it become such an important technology for you?

What are the biggest challenges that come with introducing AI?

What advice would you give to a firm just starting its AI journey?

In answering these questions, Midgley covers AI and how it will impact on the role of IT leadership, as well as how AI will change IT organisations, IT departments and the organisations they serve.

Midgley explains how Trainline, a 20 year old business, which uses AI to gain value from its significant amount of data collected over the years.

Gaining control of internal data has been one of the single biggest challenges faced by Trainline in its adoption of AI, and Midgley explains the firm has been tackling this problem by creating a “single source of truth” to put it to good use – for AI to be intelligent, it needs clean data.

Midgley advises newcomers to AI to be focused on the customer, and not to be too focused on the technology itself while losing sight of what it was adopted for.

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